In this course you will create a collection of beautiful shell studies while learning many watercolor basics including:

• Color Theory and how to combine Complementary Colors to better simulate the colors we find in nature.

How to create natural-looking textures using color blends, Kosher salt, spattering, and more

Edge Control: How to create soft, feathery edges and crisp outlines and why you need both.

• You'll also see how to use lost and found edges, a magical secret that lets the viewer connect the dots.

When you're finished, you can frame your finished paintings as a set, or turn them into greeting cards and gifts.

Hi, I’m Jana, your watercolor professor.

I am an award-winning watercolorist with a passion for color. I have seventeen years experience teaching art and design at the college level, but I also have a special gift for working with and encouraging beginners. Let me demystify the watercolor process for you!

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Gifts From the Sea (series of shell studies)

Paint your own collection of beautiful shells

This course is suitable for any level, with work simple enough for beginners, yet chock full of key art concepts, techniques and color theory that will be beneficial to more experienced painters as well. There are five complete projects, plus one bonus project, totaling over 90 minutes of detailed video instruction. (Just $12-$15 per project!)

There is an accompanying dot card with all the paint colors used (sold separately at

You can access this course at any time, for as long as you like.

Paint a stunning starfish with an array of textures.

Use dotting, salt, scraping, and more to create a multi-textured starfish. Then drop in a cast shadow for color contrast and depth.

Paint a sand dollar peeking out of the ground.

Learn to save the white of the paper, and paint around an object as we paint this surprising sand dollar. Add a misty ocean background and a sandy beach to make it pop! Salt granules and spattering add extra texture.

Each project has specific concepts to master.

You'll learn how to paint the ribbing of a cockle shell, the smooth opening and spiral and bumps of a whelk, and many more.